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Sports Medicine

Are you recovering from injury, need additional support for walking or running or need advice on how to prevent injury? At Flying Feet, we work with referrals from doctors, therapists and trainers to prevent injury or assist with your rehabilitation regimen. We carry a wide variety of sports medicine products including:

  • Insoles
  • Arch Supports & Orthotics
  • Heel Cups
  • Ankle Braces
  • Knee Braces
  • Support Bands
  • Massage Sticks
  • Foam Rollers
  • Stretch Aids
  • Rehabilitation Aids

The Right Fit Makes a Difference

We don't just offer top-quality equipment to prevent injuries or help your rehab. Our experienced staff can help you find the right products for your needs and provide assistance to get the proper fit for maximum comfort and support.

Visit our store today to start your road to recovery or prevent injuries. We'll gladly help you find what you need or work with your doctor, therapist or trainer to get you back on track.

Brands Include: