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Forget the fads. Get the right running shoes built for maximum performance and specifically designed for the demanding needs of runners.

We offer a great selection of top-quality swimming apparel and equipment all year round. Get the right fit for competitive swimming, training or aqua size!

Love Your Feet...

Fads and gimmicks may come and go, but comfort and proper support never go out of style!

At Flying Feet Sports Shoes, we only sell the best, professional quality sports shoes and equipment for a reason. We know what athletes need to perform at their best - supportive, comfortable shoes that fit just right for maximum performance. We don't waste time chasing the latest fashions and gimmicks. Instead, we specialize in finding the BEST shoes for your sport. PERIOD.

Experience Makes All the Difference

Our staff is made up of former coaches and athletes from a variety of sports who understand the needs of athletes at all levels from youth and high school students to the college level and beyond…

Whether you're recovering from injury, need better support than your current shoes provide or want to take your game to the next level, our experienced staff can help you find exactly what you need.

Visit our store today, check out our great selection and let our helpful staff find the BEST shoes for your needs!

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